10 Questions Every Woman Needs to Ask Before Buying a Luxury Coach

As the manufacturer of the premier Class A motorhome chassis, Spartan is sharing answers to some common questions we've heard over the last 30+ years

  1. There's no place like home—which is exactly why I want to leave it every once in awhile! But I hate sterile hotel rooms. Can I really make my RV feel like my home away from home?

    Absolutely. As you plan your new purchase, you become the star of “Extreme Home Makeover: RV Edition.” Everything from your bed (with a cushy pillow-top mattress if you’d like) to your gourmet kitchen and interior décor travels with you. You start with the best foundation—a Spartan chassis—then design your coach to be as functional or luxurious as you want. Designer fabrics, leather furniture, and crown molding complement variable and spacious floor plans. You’ll even have room for guests and entertaining. But don’t worry—that secret is safe with us!

  2. Wait—I'm supposed to drive what? I live in the city. I hate driving anything!

    Just wait until you sit in your posh driver's seat! One luxury coach owner we know said she'd rather driver her Spartan-powered RV than her SUV—it's that easy to handle. If your coach is riding on a Spartan chassis, learning to drive your RV will be a snap with our exclusive and comprehensive Spartan Owners' Training Academy. This popular program offers in-depth instruction on how to operate and maintain your coach, making sure you're entirely comfortable behind the wheel before you hit the road.

10 Questions

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